Faith Insurance

Faith insurance for your church or organisation

Every church and faith organisation is unique & has unique risks. God’s Kingdom has such a wonderful and diverse variety of Christian Ministries who are changing the world. EA provides insurance that is tailored to your particular situation and provides flexible cover options to suit each organisation.

A Faith insurance policy can be customised to include one or more sections of cover, including:

Property & Income Protection

  • Property: cover for your buildings and contents. The range of different options for property cover is great, from comprehensive policies to policies that piece together different options such as glass, burglary, fire, flood, money and accidental damage.
  • Electronic Breakdown: cover for breakdown and other damage to electronic equipment such as computers, phones, tablets and servers. Breakdown of these types of items is not included in a standard property cover.
  • General Property: standard property cover is tied to a single location. General Property cover is your choice for portable items such as laptops, phones, sound and AV gear, cover is Australia wide.
  • Income Protection / Business Interruption: an addition to your property cover, business interruption can pay for some of the extra costs that an organisation faces when recovering from a disaster.

General Liability

  • Public Liability: covers you when you are legally required to pay for damages that your organisation has caused or contributed to. Damages can be personal injury, property damage or advertising injury.
  • Sexual Abuse / Molestation extension: cover for compensation you are legally required to pay as a result of sexual abuse in your organisation. There are some requirements that must be met in order to be eligible for this cover.
  • Tenant Liability: cover if you damage your landlord’s property and you are required to pay under your tenancy agreement.

Organisation Liability

  • Professional Indemnity: if you provide professional advice or designs and something goes wrong you may be held responsible. This cover provides protection if that ever happens.
  • Directors / Board / Office Bearers: cover specifically for your office bearers, such as CEO or Board Members if they are responsible for a wrongful act connected to them running the organisation. By law directors are able to be held personally responsible for their actions.
  • Employment Practices Liability: employees have a right to be treated fairly when it comes to their employment. If for some reason this right is obstructed and your organisation has acted inappropriately, this cover will pay any compensation you are required to provide.
  • Fidelity: if there is money lost in your organisation because of any fraudulent or dishonest behaviour of a director, employee or volunteer this cover will protect you against that loss.

Personal Accident

  • Volunteers Personal Accident: in many states, volunteers are not covered under workers compensation. This cover provides one off payments and/or weekly payments in the event of permanent injury and/or time away from paid work.


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