Leisure Travel Insurance

Going on holidays? Don’t forget to pack your travel insurance!

EA Insurance Services has assisted organisations with business and expatriate travel insurance for many years. We can now help with personal leisure travel cover through PassportCard.

PassportCard (previously TravelCard) launched in Australia in 2018 and offer Comprehensive Domestic Cover or the choice of Comprehensive or Basic Cover for international travel.

When taking out PassportCard travel insurance, you can request a ‘PassportCard’ for instant payouts on approved claims. If your luggage is delayed, cash is stolen, or you have a medical issue overseas (and your claim is approved), PassportCard can load money on the card to help cover your expenses1, and you can get back to enjoying your holiday!

EA Insurance Services is not the insurer. Any insurance polices purchased through the PassportCard quoting portal are placed directly with the insurer.

  1. subject to the terms, conditions and limitations of the policy. ↩︎