Churches and not for profits are increasingly connecting online to engage with churchgoers, supporters and partners, and extend their reach in the community. You may be conducting a church online service or virtual fundraising event, or maybe the bulk of your day-to-day operating activities are online.  If you use the internet and have valuable information on your digital devices, you should consider a Cyber insurance policy.

It’s important to have robust cyber security arrangement to help protect your systems, digital assets and information from theft, damage or unauthorised access. However, these tools alone may not prevent a cyber attack or data breach.

Following a cyber incident, organisations must act promptly and wisely and a Cyber insurance policy can be a valuable aspect of the incident response strategy. A Cyber insurance policy is designed to respond quickly following a Cyber event, providing access to specialist consultants (example: IT Forensics and Crisis Management). In addition the policy can assist with the cost of first and third party claims, business interruption and social engineering.

EA Insurance Services have access to policies from industry leading providers of cyber risk solutions and can assist in arranging insurance cover.