Business Interruption

Business Interruption insurance for your church or not for profit

Fires, floods, storms and cyclones – Australian churches and not for profit organisations need to be prepared for a range of natural disasters. In addition to property damage, businesses need to consider the operational disruption that may follow such an event.

If an organisation is no longer able to operate from their normal place of business, they may face additional expenses (example: rent of a temporary location) while still incurring their usual operating expenses (including staff wages, rent or loan repayments and supplier invoices) with reduced income.  These costs alone can be greater than the cost of repairing the physical property damage.

The process of getting a business back up and running after a Business Interruption event can be complex and must be well planned. Organisations can prepare for this risk by creating a thorough and well-tested Business Continuity Plan paired with a Business Interruption insurance policy.

Business Interruption cover is designed to put your church or not for profit organisation back in the same financial position it would have been in if the insured loss had not occurred.

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